White heather

So far this year we have had magnificent displays of cotton grass and orchids on the Moors and now it is the turn of the heather.  The common heather is, of course, the iconic plant for this area, but how many people have seen the true white heather.  This is not a pale pink version of the purple heather but is a true white.

You may have to see a few thousand plants before you find one but here is one bush that I photographed last week –

1-P1050479 2-P1050481 3-P1050482 4-P1050483

If anyone else has seen white heather so far this year, it would be good to know where it was so we can see how widespread it is on the Moors.  I will reveal the location of this one in due course!

While you are looking at the heather, look out for the large moths which inhabit it.  Most of them seem to be the common ‘Y moth’ but other day flying moths can be found.

Y moth

Y moth

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