Time to think!

My usual journey to Big Moor takes me out through the village of Old Brampton, in the middle of which stands a grand old church.  I guess few people travelling this way ever stop to look at the clock on the church tower –

If they did look carefully they would notice that this clock has 63 ‘minutes’, and 63 erratic minutes at that, as some sectors have only 4 subdivisions whereas others have up to 7.

Across the road from the church is a restaurant which used to be the George and Dragon Inn and it is said that when the clock was repainted many moons ago the decorator spent a bit too much time on the wrong side of the road! Why this was never redone properly we shall never know as, surprisingly, the church guide leaflet makes no reference to this unusual feature!

Now 3 ‘minutes’ is not really that long – but add it up over the year and you have over 18 extra days.  Wouldn’t we all like that?

Space to breathe – time to think.

Sadly in recent times the restaurant has closed and this is now a private house.

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