The unicorn and friends

I arrived at Barbrook Cottage this morning to find 15 deer within 50 meters of the Cottage –


It’s a difficult time for the stags as to be honest they look pretty stupid –


Most of them have lost last years antlers and are starting to grow new ones.  In the meantime they look very much like Princess Beatrice on a bad day!

For some however it is even worse!  Was it ever possible that the legend of the unicorn came from seeing a red deer with just one antler?


Sadly, today, this group of 15 deer was harassed by a pet dog out for a walk with its owners.  It was away from them and chasing the deer before they could do anything about it –


Luckily they made their escape unharmed.

The skylark sat calmly watching the action –

06-DSC_3240And the green hairstreaks on the dam wall sunbathed in the afternoon ‘heat’ –


2 geese circled above the reservoir~


And made a synchronized landing –


Only the meadow pipit was unimpressed as preening was the order of the day –


But the afternoon must belong to the red deer – absurd but confident and getting ready for this years battles to come –




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