Honest Don

‘First get on’, the mogul said,
‘And never count the cost.
Ignore the legal niceties
Forget the friends you’ve lost.

When you’ve made a decent pile
Meet others such as you.
Keep out all the upstarts
And sue and sue and sue.

Look to earn respect of course,
From media and friends.
Join charities and social clubs,
They’ll do to meet your ends.

Folk will call you honest Don,
They’re proud to hear your name.
Whenever something’s going wrong
They’ll know you’re not to blame.

If you keep on dropping hints
The top brass soon will see,
That an honest grafting do-gooder
Should have a gong or three!

Get on, get honest, get honour,
Is the rule that’s seen you through.
But now an extra image
Reveals the worst of you.

‘Get on her, get on her, get on her,’
The drunken clubmates roar.
And you seek their approbation
As you’ve never done before.

Few will know and few will care,
Just take it where you can.
Be ruthless as in business,
And prove that you’re a ‘man’.