The Attic

The items in The Attic have little or nothing to do with Big Moor!

This is the place where I dump things I do not know what to do with!  At this stage they will be in a complete random state with no organisation whatsoever.  In amongst the rowing machine, video recorder and sepia family photos I hope you will find one or two items of interest.  This is the place for rummaging.  It’s where you go for that empty  cardboard box but get wrapped up in a mist of nostalgia or get depressed at all the unfinished projects!

1.  Mill towns

2.  A new pub for the silver generation

3. Six letter poem

4.  An interview with an artist

5.  A review of Joe’s final sculpture exhibition at Manchester Met

6. Families up North.  A lighthearted look at 2 very different lifestyles!

7. Fortal.  The remnants of our old Faartal site (Fairfield and Avondale Retired Teachers and Lecturers + me!)

8.  A script for Sophie Dahl!

9. Derbyshire Arts Competition 2011

10. Steam

11. Haiku

12 Christmas 2012

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