Peace and quiet!

Any walker on Big Moor will regularly come across groups of red deer and today was no different.  However what I have noticed is that at this time of year the males seem to go off together and the females also congregate in larger groups together. Here are 5 stags above the old reservoir photographed last month: Stags in winter Only 2 months earlier they would not be seen within sight of each other without itching for a fight. Today I came across this contented group of females basking in the sunshine: 2-BIG_8837 There were about 20 altogether and the only male presence was this young chap being protected by 7 females: 1-BIG_8862 Is it just that the men like a bit of peace and quiet or do the females like them out of the way when they are pregnant?  It's another 3 months until the young are born so I cannot see them being any threat for now.

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