Every year I get annoyed  about the wanton destruction of orchids on Fox Lane between Ramsley Moor and Leash Fen. I have written to all and sundry and have had occasional well meaning replies from various wildlife organisations and councillors but nothing ever changes!

These orchids are not destroyed by vandals but by the local authority cutting the grass verges on a quiet side road on the grounds of safety!  The  orchids were cut down again today and the irony is that within 100 yards of these plants the grass cutter dislodged at least 3 stones – each the size of a brick which were then deposited on to the carriageway.  I am sure obstacles on the road are a greater hazhard than orchids in the grass verge.

The Council protect the common spotted orchid on a busy main road up at Owler Bar but do nothing to protect these plants on a quiet side road.  I am no expert but I believe these to be southern marsh orchids which are far rarer round here than the common spotted variety.


Fox Lane orchidThis lane is in the middle of the new nature reserve to be run by the RSPB and the National Trust so it is to be hoped that in future years these plants will be protected.

Sadly the orchids now are much less prolific than they were  in 2009 when I photographed them for the first time.  If any individual cut these flowers they would rightly be liable to prosecution but the powers that be appear to be immune.It looks like being a good year for orchids of all varieties so enjoy them while you can.

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