Mothers Day

Yet one more fine day – too good to waste and chance to give both generations of mothers an airing on Big Moor.

We took the flat drive through the white gates and our first stop was the Companion Stone facing Deadshaw Sic.

Several sculptures have been erected near the old Guide Stoops around Big Moor.

Little Barbrook  reservoir was our destination –

The reservoir has become home to 2 Canada geese and it will be interesting to see if they breed here.  These birds must be the noisiest breed on the planet!

There is plenty of frog spawn in the shallow reed beds so providing the weather remains favourable the herons etc will have a good food supply this year!

We met an interesting chap on the way back who I thought had been adder hunting but who was in fact doing a small mammal survey for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.  He filled me in with a lot of information about the future plans for Big Moor now that this is being administered jointly by the National Trust and RSPB under The Eastern Moors Partnership.

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