Heather for Kinder Scout

Towards the end of last year there was much activity on the Moor with heather being cut in various places. Here are a couple of pictures taken last October showing the bags of heather being collected up near the Hurkling Stone: 7 8a The heather was collected and taken up onto Kinder Scout to protect the bare peat and hopefully re-seed the areas ravaged by pollution and weather. Crossing the Snake Pass this week I saw the helicopter taking the bags of heather from near the Snake Inn up onto the Plateau. DSC_0386 The helicopter is just visible as it returns for another load.  Sadly I could not get a picture of the outward journey as the helicopter kept low to the ground within the valley.  It will be interesting to see if the treatment works.  I have spent many happy hours on Kinder and it has been severely stripped of its vegetation over recent decades. Here are a few Kinder pictures to give a flavour of the area: DSC_0389 DSC_0360.NEF DSC_0364.NEF DSC_0336 We may think the weather gets a bit rough on Big Moor but Kinder is around 800 feet higher and is not only colder but more exposed.

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