Unlike my daughter, I love frogs!  The more the better for me.  That’s why last year I was really pleased to see the huge volumes of frogspawn in the Little Reservoir on the Bar Brook.

By early May many of the young tadpoles had been washed down the reservoir and were sunbathing on the dam wall.  There were so many you could put your hand in the water and bring out hundreds at a time.

Recently I was in the Lakes and the frogs were in full voice sounding like a loud purring cat!


Not only were they croaking but they had also laid a good amount of spawn –


On my return therefore I was expecting to find frogspawn in the Little Barbrook Reservoir – but not a sign yet.  I know it is warmer in the north-west because of the Gulf Stream but I thought we would have had some activity around here by now.  Mind you if it keeps as cold as it is now we may be in for a very late Spring this year.

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