Dragonflies and damselflies

Just a short selection of photos showing the dragonflies and damesflies which have already been found on the Eastern Moors in 2013.  It is now August and the season is in full swing so hopefully there will be more to add before the summer is over.

20-P101071211-P1010268 10-P1050788 10-BIG_4350 08-P1050522 08-P1000848 07-P1000813 06-P1000812 05-P1000810 04-P1000795 03-P1050452 03-P1000772 02-P1050423 02-P1050420 01-P1050418 01-P1050405 29-P1010966 28-P1010896 27-P1010868 26-P1010864 24-P1010847 23-P1010834 22-P1050450 21-P1010818 20-P1010712 19-P1010695 17-P1010664 14-P1010609 13-P1010607 12-P1030515 11-P1050795 1-P1000896