I have already recorded the golden ringed dragonfly and the female emperor on the Eastern Moors but these are only 2 of the many dragonflies and damselflies that can be found.05-P1000810

Large red damselfly

I think the dragons and damsels are my favourite subjects to photograph as they don’t get up early, they only come out when it is sunny and they are so inquisitive that they often find you before you find them. Some can be quite frustrating as they never seem to land! The emperor and many hawkers fall into this category.

Common Hawker


Black tailed skimmer

I have gathered a collection of sightings so far this year and they can be seen here.  I have kept them on a separate page in the gallery so that I can add to these in due course.

A few additional species can be found here, but not all these were photographed on the Moors.

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