Devonshire Arms

Usually my posts are about wildlife, plants, local history or scenery but occasionally there are matters which affect your enjoyment of life which need recording.

Over the last couple of days I have ‘discovered’ the Devonshire Arms in Baslow.  Now we all know there are plenty of watering holes around Big Moor which deserve our support but when a new one comes on the scene that ticks all the right boxes then it needs a mention. The Devonshire Arms is such a place.  It changed hands last year from a run of the mill pub to become a little gem.  Actually it is not so little as it houses a pub, a hotel and a tea room.  The food is great without being pretentious, the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are welcoming.  What more could you ask after a few hours out in the cold but to sit in front of a log fire with a little something, or to soak up the atmosphere of Hattie’s tearoom with a warming beverage.

My worry is that it will become too popular and the service will suffer but while it lasts make the most of it.  Vegetarian choice, at present, is a bit limited which always surprises me as humus, brie and grape or goats cheese and cranberry sandwiches must be so cheap to make but isn’t that always the case?  When a group of walkers go out together it is always the minority interests who determine where you go, which is fair enough as us meat eaters get a fair choice in most places.

Details are on my links page under Good Food and Treats.

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