Country Walking magazine

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the deputy editor of Country Walking as he had come across this website and wanted to write an article on White Edge and Big Moor. I was only too happy to oblige as I felt their readership would encourage people to explore this area, and the sort of person that reads Country Walking would be the ones I feel should be encouraged.

I was somewhat embarrassed in that I had hardly touched this site in recent times and I felt in many ways I was duplicating the work done by Eastern Moors. This organisation did not exist when I started atnd I was only too happy to join their band of volunteers and get involved.

This site therefore became more of a personal journal, with various diversions, rather than what was originally intended. However in years to come as the legs weaken and the muscles tighten I propose reverting to the original plan and researching deeper into the hidden gems of this area.

There are a few corrections needed to the article as written:

1. Parking at Curbar is not free unless you are a National Trust or RSPB member.

2. The red deer on Big Moor only arrived in the mid 80’s and not a century ago.

3. My record of flowers, birds etc is by no means complete. This site only gives a record of my sightings as of around 2012. Others, far more expert than me could provide a much more comprehensive list.

In spite of these discrepancies I would like to thank Country Walking for their article and hope that it inspires more people to responsibly explore this area.


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