Cotton Grass

From a vegetation point of view, the heather must be the star turn on these Moors - especially if you know where the white heather is!  After that it must be the wild orchids.  Later this month we will see carpets of several types of orchid and numerous hybrids. However coming a close third in the impact stakes must be the cotton grass. On its own it's quite attractive: f-DSC_3434 And along the banks of the streams it makes an impressive display: c-138-BIG_4504 Waving around in the wind the grass is quite hypnotic: d-086-BIG_4452 But it's when you see large areas then it really starts to impress: e-P1000144 This is Leash Fen, nearly as white as snow in Winter (or Spring!).  This year is the best it has been for some time. b-DSC_3436 All the Moors have their own display but Leash Fen must be the best. g-P1000152 With a slightly slower camera speed the grass looks more like a choppy sea than moorland. Get out and see it while you can.  It won't last for long.

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