Birds seen on the Eastern Moors

Here is my list of birds seen on Big Moor.  At present this is a work in progress. The highlighted ones are the ones I have been able to photograph so far.

They are split into families as listed in the RSPB Pocket Guide:

Canada GooseCanada Geese, Mallard1-BIG_0165

Red Grouse, Pheasant

Grey Heron grey heron

Buzzard, Red Kite Sparrowhawk, Kestrelkestrel, Hobby, Merlin, Peregrine

Woodcock, Lapwing lapwing, Snipe, Jack Snipe, Curlew Calling

Black-headed gull 04-gull,


Collared Dove 05-DSC_1630, Feral Pigeon, Woodpigeon 09-DSC_1692, Cuckoo


Green Woodpecker, Greater Spotted Woodpecker 01-3-BIG_9331, Swift

Skylark, Swallow 11-DSC_8279, House Martin, Pied Wagtail 07-017-RMT_9794,

Meadow Pipit meadow pippit, Tree Pipit 08-007-DSC_9234

Wren wren 2, Dunnock 07-11-DSC_0674

Robin 08-09-DSC_0654, Redstart redstart, Stonechat stonechat, Whinchat whinchat, Wheatear  , Blackbird  11-01-DSC_0985,  Fieldfare DSC_1562,   SongThrush 3-DSC_0278,           Redwing 10-1-5-RMT_7148,

Reed Warbler , Sedge Warbler  05-11-Photo (5), Willow Warbler  Willow warbler, Blackcap  03-01-BIG_9041, Whitethroat  whitethroat, Spotted Flycatcher  spotted flycatcher,

Long-tailed Tit long tailed tit, Great Tit 06-48-DSC_0940, Blue Tit  12-65-DSC_1013, Coal Tit  01-45-DSC_0879, Nuthatch 10-12-DSC_0718

Jay 02-5, Magpie RMT_8599, Jackdaw jackdaw, Rook , Carrion Crow , Starling

Sparrows12-RMT_5186, Goldfinch 05-43-DSC_0870, Chaffinch 14-59-DSC_0974, Siskin RMT_5467,

Redpoll 06-04-RMT_5480,Linnetlinnet, Bullfinch, Yellowhammer 04-36-DSC_0824,                         Reed Bunting 02-33-DSC_0813

66 different species as at 20th March 2013.

Some of these images are over 10 years old and as such are not up to the standard I would like.  I therefore intend to get a Big Moor based image for all these birds when possible and update the older ones.