The current wet weather may be depressing for us but for the curlew this is good news – providing it does not last too long!  Dry moorland is not good for a bird that relies on worms and insects as … Continue reading

New arrivals

2 weeks ago there were snow drifts on Big Moor and everything was silent. One week ago the snow had gone and the blue tits, great tits, wrens and blackbirds were busy nest building and the plaintiff cry of the … Continue reading

Deer 2011

For 11 months of the year the Moor is quiet apart from the occasional bird or the wind blasting everything in site.  In October however things change.  The migrant birds have departed and others such as the curlew have found … Continue reading


Every year I get annoyed  about the wanton destruction of orchids on Fox Lane between Ramsley Moor and Leash Fen. I have written to all and sundry and have had occasional well meaning replies from various wildlife organisations and councillors … Continue reading


The whitebeam is a common tree around the Barbrook Plantation, especially down towards the stream.  It is at its most impressive when showing its young pale grey leaves and also later in the year when covered in red berries.  These … Continue reading

Easter Monday

6 a.m. and the sun is already up on the Moor. Greeted by a pied wagtail who is always near the gate – Over on Ramsley Moor I can hear the first cuckoo of the year.  This bird may be … Continue reading

Barbrook Plantation

On several mornings this month – just after dawn – I have walked down to Barbrook Plantation.  This is a fascinating area for much of the year but especially now when the migrant birds are returning to breed and their … Continue reading

Mothers Day

Yet one more fine day – too good to waste and chance to give both generations of mothers an airing on Big Moor. We took the flat drive through the white gates and our first stop was the Companion Stone … Continue reading