I make no excuses for more lizard photos.  They are so photogenic and most of the time they will sit and pose for you.  Today they seemed to want to be with friends. In this sequence I think the larger … Continue reading

Blog changes

In recent times I have been spending many happy hours working on the Flickr site and Blog for the Eastern Moors.  In many ways I am duplicating work by putting entries on here as well as on those 2 sites. … Continue reading


This is the first year I have studied adders and lizards seriously.  I always knew they were there but it’s not until you find them that you realise how beautiful they are.  I have been lucky enough to have several … Continue reading


Common Lizard

One of the overlooked gems of the Eastern Moors is the common lizard. For those who are patient enough to study the dry stone walls on a sunny day, this creature is an absolute pleasure!  Usually they scurry off into the wall but every now and then one just sits there and poses.  The constant smile on his face says it all – contentment!

Not that the lizard has an easy life as they are in the food chain of many predators – adders, kestrels, buzzards and foxes to name just a few.  In turn they do their bit to keep down the fly and insect population, and needless to say there is an abundance of these for much of the year.

These photos are of a traditional rich brown coloured individual but green and grey shades are a common occurrence.6-P1160367 1-P1160373 3-P1160391

Sunbathing on a sunny March day

Sunbathing on a sunny March day