Another beautiful day

A day not to be wasted so initially walked to Barbrook One stone circle.  I always like to see what people leave in the hollow on the top of the largest stone.  There are usually a few coins and the occasional flower.  Today there were 3 daffodils and a small model Buddha.  I am not quite sure of the connection between Buddhism and Bronze Age religion but to each their own.  I have seen Christmas decorations, wood carvings and crosses before now! At least one person visits this site every day as even after snow there are always footprints up here.


Barbrook 1 Stone Circle

Down to the Barbrook to look for adders but they must have seen me first.  Across the stream is a raised flat area known as Robin Hood’s Table.  I can see no connection at all with Robin Hood – assuming someone of that name ever existed.

A vague path downstream leads to Barbrook Plantation.  I disturbed a heron on the way, no doubt looking for frogs. A woodpecker was noisily thumping away in the treetops but apart from this one the wrens, blue tits and great tits had the wood to themselves.  It’s too early yet for the summer visitors such as the flycatcher and redstart but they should be arriving before too long.

In the distance I heard the unmistakable call of the buzzard and soon I saw it wheeling around at the edge of the wood.  Firstly there was only one, then two and then another two.  These birds are relatively new to this area but seem very successful.  They appeared to be hunting in a pack working upstream, disappearing and then reappearing out of the sun.  They can only have been looking for carrion as any living creature would have heard them a mile away.


Buzzard over Barbrook Plantation


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