After the snow

A combination of melting snow, frozen ground and rain, meant that the Bar Brook was bound to be flooded today and so it proved.  2 years ago I added photos of the stream in flood but it was not as dramatic as today.

First stop was below Jack Flat next to Sheffield Road –

Further downstream Bar Brook is joined by Sandyford Brook and this area is the most dramatic for rapids and waterfalls –

The swirling brown peaty water reminded me of the Hopkins poem Inversnaid.  Admittedly that was written about a Scottish stream but I think it is appropriate.

Next it was back up to Curbar Lane and onto Big Moor to check out the flooding around 2 slabs bridge.  Needless to say it was impassable today!

The last destination today was Barbrook plantation, as the Bar Brook below the woodland has some sharp twists and turns which are very prone to flooding –

Finally a few self indulgent shots – more arty than realistic –

By tomorrow I am sure most of the flood waters will have moved downstream but the ground is so sodden you never know when it could happen again.

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