The deer and the adders on Big Moor are the 2 things I have been asked about more than anything else over the years.  I have over 1000 deer photos but the one or two I have of adders are not fit for publication.  I was delighted therefore to bump into Neil Shaw out on the Moor recently who has a great collection of adder photos.  With his permission I am going to break one of my own rules and publish a few photos which have not been taken by me.

In March or April every year the adders leave their hibernation quarters and set out across the Moors looking for food and a mate.  Their winter locations are understandably kept as a close secret but once they have spread out they could be encountered virtually anywhere on these Moors. These creatures will not harm you as long as you treat them with respect and do not startle them.  They can give you a nasty bite but it is a long time since any such bite was fatal.  They are an important part of the ecosystem of these Moors.

Here then is a gallery of Neil’s adder photos:

  • adder 4
  • adder 5
  • adder 6
  • adder 7
  • adder 1
  • adder 2
  • adder 3


The photo of the adder swallowing the vole is quite amazing!

Thanks again to Neil for sharing these with me.  Please respect the ownership of these photos and do not reproduce without his permission.  If you wish to contact Neil then please write to him via my contact form.

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