I came across an amazing number of fungi in one quite small area this morning. I doubt whether any of them are rare but the other suprising thing was that very few of them had been eaten in any way. … Continue reading

Common Lizards

August must be Common Lizard Month! This time of year it is about 4 to 6 weeks after most of the young were born and they spend much of their time sunning themselves when they can to build themselves up … Continue reading

Toads 2016

[Show as slideshow] Don’t you just love toads! At this time of year hundreds gather together in ponds around the country with one sole aim – to mate! For 51 weeks a year they lurk in marshes, bogs and other … Continue reading


[Show as slideshow] Adders were late in surfacing this Spring and were not reported until the end of February. In some years they can be seen basking while patches of snow are still on the ground. These days everyone is … Continue reading