After the snow

A combination of melting snow, frozen ground and rain, meant that the Bar Brook was bound to be flooded today and so it proved.  2 years ago I added photos of the stream in flood but it was not as … Continue reading

Barbrook Plantation

I love this area of rough woodland, just off the Baslow to Sheffield road. There is always something to photograph whatever time of year.  Last month it was the siskins and redpolls on the alder trees- The trees and scrub … Continue reading


Time to think!

My usual journey to Big Moor takes me out through the village of Old Brampton, in the middle of which stands a grand old church.  I guess few people travelling this way ever stop to look at the clock on … Continue reading

Ramsley Moor

Although Big Moor dominates these Eastern Moors there are several smaller moors surrounding it.  The 2 most easterly ones are Ramsley Moor and Leash Fen and these are the most intimidating and least visited areas. Both of these Moors are … Continue reading