This is a bit of a departure for me as this topic is not about Big Moor and is not even in Derbyshire!  Nottinghamshire had a recent visit from a hoopoe which is a rare sight anywhere in the UK.  … Continue reading


The Darters are the last major group of dragonflies to hatch – at least they are around here. We have 2 main types, the common darter and the black darter.  Both like the peaty boggy areas on the Moors and … Continue reading


Next to Big Moor is the Longshaw Estate which is run entirely by The National Trust. Big Moor is, of course, part of The Eastern Moors which is jointly administered by The National Trust and the RSPB.  There is a … Continue reading


I have already recorded the golden ringed dragonfly and the female emperor on the Eastern Moors but these are only 2 of the many dragonflies and damselflies that can be found. Large red damselfly I think the dragons and damsels … Continue reading